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Flametree Reforestation Project Update

A few weeks ago, the 12 person crew started prepping the land at the Tidivi Primary School, which is the first site for the 2022 FwB Tanzania afforestation project. Registered Professional Forester and FwB Trustee, Jerry Benner, has been working with community members involved in this project since 2018. 

After the holes were dug, local composted manure was added to fertilize the trees when they

are planted. The seedlings are being grown on the traditional roadside nursery using locally

sourced seeds for a variety of native tree and fruit species.

The soil can be considered one site series with deep volcanic origin soils that are silty to

silty-clay with low coarse fragment content. The Tidivi school was previously farmed with

corn (maize), soybeans and bush beans, which are nitrogen fixing plants. This is good news

for the trees! Thankfully the topsoil was already broken down to 20 to 30 cm and did not

require site prep to loosen and remove weed competition.

History of the Project

The Flametree Reforestation Project is located in the Kijiji Cha Village of the Manyara Region in Tanzania. The project was completed in the winter of 2019-2020. Local villagers planted 3,200 trees on land that was previously used for agriculture. Due to the survival of the planted trees and success of the project, other groups and villages would like to develop similar tree planting projects. 

With local government support, collaboration from with the Arusha area Forest Training Institute, and an available local work force to grow and plant the trees, FwB-FsF is expanding the Flametree Reforestation Project.


We are fundraising $10,000 to facilitate this project in 2022.

Thank you for your support! 

This project is being led by Jerry 

Benner, FwB Board of Trustees.

Day One Pits6 Tidivi School 2022-10-31 at 09.24.11.jpg
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