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We're pleased to share with you our newest project site located in the extreme North of Cameroon. Here's we've partnered with a local NGO, Actions for Biodiversity and Land Management (ABIOGeT), to build and support a community forest in the subdivision of Mayo-Sava. Many of the people here suffer from shortages of firewood, a lack of clean drinking water, and a plethora of issues cascading from land degradation. The establishment of a community forest will fight desertification, restore biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of those in the community, particularly women.  


The first trees were planted on June 5th, which appropriately coincided with World Environment Dat. Local dignitaries, including the Head of State of Cameroon in Mora Town and the head of the community of Karabiwa, along with the ABIOGeT team, were all in attendance assisting with tree planting.  This event was not only aimed at planting trees, but further served as an opportunity to educate the entire population of the Mayo-Sava division on the importance of trees and forests. 


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Status:  Active

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