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Rather than giving into the sales around us on Black Friday, or Technology Monday, take advantage of Thankful Tuesday and donate to a charity of your choice!


By donating to Forests without Borders, your generosity will be used to help restore forests that will enable people to obtain money, water, fuel, and food. Forests without Borders currently has people in Northern Cameroon waiting for your help!


You can help Forests Without Borders help those in need by making a donation today. 


Healthier environments mean healthier, more prosperous and secure communities and individuals.  We encourage you to be part of a solution to environmental challenges in countries in need like Nepal, Cameroon and Zambia.


As a volunteer driven charitable organization, you can be assured that all but a very small part of your donation will make its way directly to where it is needed.  Your dollars will indeed go a long way because they will help leverage other funds and support from partners on the ground.



Click here to donate! 

Contact Dana at dcollins@cif-ifc for more information or to donate!

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