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UBC Forestry Students Support Forests without Border Through Christmas Tree Sales


For the love of trees, community, philanthropy and global sustainability, the UBC Forestry Undergraduate Society (FUS) - grow and sell Christmas trees.  All profits generated are donated and this year’s primary recipient was the CIF’s Forests without Borders. 

Sales and donations totaled $1600, with a total of 28 trees sold. Many of these were our live – potted collection, and a number of these were returned to cycle through another season of sales and fundraising. Our hearts have been warmed by all the families and individuals who came down to the farm to connect with the land and local community. In particular, the children’s love of the harvest and celebration of surrounding nature and farm life was one of the most beautiful aspects to encounter.

In combination with proceeds from the FUS Silent Bike Auction (where refurbished bikes were actioned off to students and faculty), we presented a cheque of $1132 to Forests without

Borders at the Vancouver Section’s

January CIF Dinner. We are excited to

offer future updates from projects that

have received funding from our initiative,

allowing us to create a direct link between

our patrons and beneficiaries. Please

check out our website in the fall for these

potential updates and next season’s sale



Mattawa Group Wins Youth Philanthropy Intiative


YPI serves as an opportunity for secondary school students to engage with local charities, find passion in philathropic work, empower youth to make a big change, and aquire skills in assessing the neesd of their given communities.  Groups of students find a charity for which they feel passionate about, interview members of the organization, and finally, present to a panel of judges, their peers, teachers and other community members.

While all leave with a great sense of accomplishment, the grand prize is a $5000 award for the charity of the top group.  This year, a group of grade 10 students out of F.J. McElligott high school in Mattawa entered to compete in their school's Youth Philanthropy Initiative, representing Forests without Borders.  The group gave an engaging presentation, spreading the word, and amazing work, of Forests without Borders. While there was some stiff competition, the group came up on top, and was awarded $5000, all of which will go directly to Forests without Borders projects.  In addition to a fantastic presentation, the girls also did their own rendition of the popular song "Ho Hey", but the Lumineers, take a look, and listen here!  A job well done!

Algonquin Section International Night


Not only did this night mark the 60th International

Night hosted by this section, but it also fell on the

United Nations inaugural International Day of the

Forests.  The event further bolstered support for

Forests without Borders, and featured presentations

by Fred Pinto and the project coordinator for the Nepal

project, Bharat Pokharel.  Bharat spoke candidly about

growing up in Nepal, the state of their forests, and the

importance of our project there.  Donations were collected and a small silent auction featured some prints (circa 1800), which were generously donated by Peter Nosko.  The Algonquin Section’s goal is to raise $2000 to support a school in Nepal.  The night’s event raised $720, contributing greatly to that goal!

Annual General Meeting of the Forest Professionals of Nova Scotia - March 21-22, 2013


This years AGM held in Truro, Nova Scotia marked the Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association 50th Annual General Meeting!  Amidst some great presentations and live music, was a Forests without Borders Silent Auction.  With an array of great items up for action, including a paddle, a golf putter and multi tool, $1118 was raised for FwB!

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