Forests without Borders Coverage in the Forestry Chronicle


The Canadian Institute of Forestry has published The Forestry Chronicle, a professional and scientific forestry journal, since 1925. It is published to provide information to forest practitioners about professional and scientific management of forests and their resources. In addition to invited and submitted professional and scientific papers, the various Departments of The Forestry Chronicle (e.g., the Guest Editorial, President's Perspective, Personals, Institute Affairs and school and professional association news and conference listings), record and encourage comment on significant developments of general interest in Canadian and international forestry.


Featured articles:

Jan/Feb 2009 - Forests without Borders

May/June 2009 - CIF/IFC board Ratifies FwB Initiative

July/Aug 2009 - Forests without Borders Update

Sept/Oct 2009 - Forests without Borders merged with FACT

Nov/Dec 2009 - Forests without Borders Projects 2008-2009

Jan/Feb 2010 - Forests without Borders Update

July/Aug 2010 - Introducing Our New Forests without Borders Intern 

July/Aug 2010 - Forests without Borders Update

Nov/Dec 2010 - Forests without Borders (Formerly FACT)

Nov/Dec 2010 - FwB at the AGM and Conference

Nov/Dec 2011 - Forest without Borders (Formerly FACT)

Nov/Dec 2011 - Forests without Borders Awards

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