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The Madagascar project is aimed at reforestation with the 63 species grown in a nursery managed by the Association Mitsinjo and is set to begin operations in July of 2015. The project activity would involve site preparation (i.e. brushing), planting, and site management of understory competition post planting.

The Association Mitsinjo is a community-run conservation organization founded by a group of villagers in the village of Andasibe in 1999. The village is in one of the most biodiverse regions of Madagascar and the surrounding community contains 3000 residents. Mitsinjo's mission is to integrate biodiversity conservation with rural development. Its vision is to protect and restore habitat of endangered species through direct habitat management, rainforest restoration, ecotourism, research, and environmental education in the surrounding communities. The association has 53 members and is registered as an Association with the Government of Madagascar.

Reforestation efforts are designed to provide habitat for the species in the area including insects, amphibians, reptiles, lemurs, and tenrecs;  many of which are endangered. Additionally it would provide increased trail opportunities for the guided tours therefore providing greater opportunities for sustainable income activities through tourism and assisting visiting researchers. The project will also create jobs for the local community. 

Status:  Active

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