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Forests without Borders (FwB) is a registered charity in Canada established by members of the Canadian Institute of Forestry. Forest without Borders works independently or with existing non-government organizations to deliver the skills, knowledge and tools that enable poverty stricken communities around the world meet their challenges and to realize the many benefits obtained from the forest. The scarcity of resources in these communities such as fuel, shelter and water result in a cascade of problems that undermine human security and health. Many of these problems can be effectively resolved through proper forestry.


Forests without Borders (FwB) grew out of a desire by Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) members to use their skills and knowledge to help people reduce poverty, restore ecosystems and increase people’s understanding of the sustainable development of forest resources. Members have indicated that the CIF/IFC should consider a more organized system of enabling members to contribute to development projects that would match the interests of members and the resources of our organization. This desire by our members to help others is consistent with the CIF/IFC`s core value of altruism and mission to advance stewardship, provide leadership and increase awareness of forests.


FwB is lead and governed by a Board of Trustees and provincial caucuses. Click on the locations below to hear more about what each of the caucuses are currently involved in. 


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