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2022 Winter Issue

CLICK HERE to read the latest Newsletter. Highlights include: GivingTuesday, 2023 CIF-IFC National Conference & AGM announcement, and project updates in Tanzania and Nepal. 

2022 Summer Issue

CLICK HERE to read the 2022 Summer Newsletter


2020-2021 Winter Issue

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2019 Winter Issue

Highlights include our charcoal project in Ghana, a fruit tree project in Uganda and a proposed project in Tanzania!

CLICK HERE to read the 2019 winter newsletter.

2016 Winter Issue

Highlights the sacred forest mapping project in Ghana, two successful film festivals in North Bay and Thunder Bay, the Forestry field tour to Nepal and caucus updates. 


CLICK HERE to read the 2016 winter newsletter.


2015 Fall Issue

Highlights the Mitsinjo reforestation project in Madagascar, community forest plantations in Cameroon, a successful film festival in Ottawa and some information on unique FwB initiatives and how you can get involved! 

Traite du projet de reboisement de Mitsinjo au Madagascar, des plantations de forêts communautaires au Cameroun, d’un festival du film de nuit à Ottawa et de quelques informations au sujet d’initiatives uniques de FSF et de comment vous pouvez faire votre part!


CLICK HERE to read the 2015 fall newsletter. 

CLIQUEZ ICI pour consulter la lettre d'information de l'automne 2015.

2015 Summer Issue

Highlights the Sared Forest Mapping project in Ghana, an update on the Mitsinjo reforestation project in Madagascar and more! 

Traite du projet de cartographie de la forêt sacrée au Ghana, d’autres nouvelles du projet de reboisement de Mitsinjo au Madagascar et plus encore!


CLICK HERE to read the 2015 summer newsletter.

CLIQUEZ ICI pour consulter la lettre d'information de l'été 2015.


2015 Spring Issue

Highlights the forest professional visit to Nepal, progress in Cameroon, school tree nursery in Nepal and much more!

Traite de la visite de professionnels forestiers au Népal, du progress avec le projet Cameroun, de la pépinière école du Népal et beaucoup plus!


CLICK HERE to read the 2015 spring newsletter.

CLIQUEZ ICI pour consulter la lettre d’information du printemps 2015. 


2014 Winter Issue

Highlights work in Ghana, Nepal, Uganda and Cameroon.  


CLICK HERE to read the 2014 winter newsletter.





2013 Summer Issue

Our summer newsletter featured the work that's currently being done in Cameroon - this project got off to an incredible strong start.  From tree planting in an area faced with wide-spread forest degradation, to educating the public on the benfits of forests, this project has already proved to be quite promising.  This issue also featured our single greatest donation up to date, as a result of a high-school team winning a Youth and Philanthropy Initative.


CLICK HERE to read the summer newsletter and check out all of the great things happening!


 2013 Spring Issue

We are excited to share with you our innagural newsletter.  Here, we describe our current project areas and shed light  on a newly developing site in Nepal. Project coordinator for the Nepal endeavor, accounts life growing up in Nepal with grandparents being the primary source of bedtime stories.

CLICK HERE to read the spring newsletter!

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